About Adrienne

I am a senior at Michigan State University, who will be finishing my Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Health and Society, Cognate in Sociology and a specialization in Health Promotion in August 2012. With my Interdisciplinary Studies degree, I have been able to specialize my career and learning choices by selecting my courses and planning for my career. I have enjoyed tailoring my education experience, and with the interdisciplinary study major the design is set to give the student the best education experience. Being able to choose my sociology cognate, helped give me the best perception of people and an overall experience in the field.

I held the Historian and Program Coordinator positions of Successful Black Women of MSU. I love being able to help young women embody what I plan to continue to do such as being successful.  I am planning to attend a graduate school in the fall of 2012. With the Master’s degree in Health Administration or Public Health/Business Administration. These degrees will help me in my future career of becoming a CEO of a hospital. This has always been my childhood dream and I am currently on my way to pursuing this by applying to graduate schools and finalizing an internship in the field during the summer after my graduation in May 2012. I have always felt that I can make a difference in the health field by being the one to organize or “run” the institution and becoming a CEO also seems perfect for me. Once receiving my bachelors degree, more doors can open for myself being that I have a better understanding and now the motivation to obtain internships and graduate school. With the internships, bachelors degree, volunteering and work experience, this goal of becoming a CEO will be the best accomplishment.

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