• MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERISTY – East Lansing, MI     May 2012                                    B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science- Concentration: Health and Society Cognate: Sociology                                                                                                             Specialization: Health Promotion

I am finishing a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration on Health and Society and a cognate in Sociology. Interdisciplinary Studies “recognizes that many students do not wish to limit their studies to the specialization of a single disciplinary department or professional school. Rather, these students seek a well-rounded bachelor’s degree program that will provide broad exposure to several of the social sciences, even as it prepares them to enter the career market or undertake advanced studies.” This degree will help me gain the tools I need to become a successful person in my field.

With that being said, I chose Health and Society. Health and Society examines the social, behavioral, and economic determinants of health. This will help me gain the knowledge and skills to improve population health. The experience I have obtained through being and E-Board of Successful Black Women, work experience and volunteering, the interdisciplinary studies major was the best choice for me. I have taken courses to help understand how people interact within their environment, to give a different perspective on the actions that people take or chose not to and this benefits my major concentration due to wanting to direct help people, and lastly, courses to understand the though process of people and the actions that they make.

These courses and experience will help me attain my bachelor’s degree and lead me into my future success.


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