Writing Sample

My Bachelors Degree requires a concentration: Mine is Health and Society. Some articles that relate are:


In the UK, they receiving money to support the patients who need more assistance of those who in the hospital. This is will be ran buy a trust foundation and this will help the people live more independently. Lastly with this help the people be able to hospital admissions and help with the delays. As my concentration is Health and Society, I enjoy seeing the government help with the hospital administrations aspects and the turn around is very beneficial. With student who have an interdisciplinary major, they range is so wide and unknown. So many areas can be targeted and helped. Unlike the US, the government seems to be more interested In the financial aspects of the business of hospitals.


In the US, President Obama wanted to make sure that the Americans knew that his plan was to reform the health care system. The current issue is that the funding for public health is insufficient and in need of repair. With a new look in the health care bylaws a change can benefit the entire country. Lastly, with the delay in congress the aspects of funding was reviewed and the decision of too much or lose is now being reviewed. As a Health and Society concentration, I notice that the US is not ran the same way as other countries and this has its perks, but from the health aspect this is damaging. My major is very helping for this area because I believe that diversity in the background can only benefit the situation.


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